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Introducing the Swirlz by Sonar Wheels. These exciting new wheels are made from swirling two different urethane colours together, producing and exciting blend of colour that will dazzle your customers. The Swirlz comes in 4...

AirWaves Roller Skate Wheels


Airwave wheels (set of 8) Excellent all round wheels suitable for indoor or outdoor skating. These are excellent all round wheels for indoor, Roller Disco and outdoor skating. As these wheels are 65mm diameter, larger than most quad wheels available on...

Alien Workshop Sonic bearing


Set includes 8 ABEC bearings with removable rubber shields.Lubed with light synthetic oil. This bearing also comes in a purple inner area with a metal coating.

Antik JET Boot - Carbon Black


The all new Antik Jet Carbon is an exciting first. The fully carbon fiber outsole offers unparalleled response in a feather light package, this provides ultimate precision and control. Lower ankle height increases mobility. Fully heat...

Atom Bionic Bearing Oil


 The Bionic Bearing oil is a high performance oil for any type of skate bearing. The special formula used will help eliminate any break-in period whilst protecting and prolonging the life of your bearings.

Atom Boom Alloy Wheels


Atom Boom Alloy Hollow Core Wheels are here to take performance to the next level. Improving on the popular Boom formula that exploded on the scene in 2014, Atom has added the same hollow core technology found in the popular Juke wheels AND an alloy cap!...

ATOM Poison Slim Alloy Wheels


Options 62 x 38mm 84A - In Stock Description Product Specs: Hybrid Alloy Core Size: 62mm x 38mm Hardness: 84A For use on slick wood rinks, polished concrete and old or dirty sport courts. Price is for a pack of...

Atom Quad Derby Poison Slim Wheels - Pink


Atom Quad Derby 59mm Slim Poison Wheels 84A (4pk) - Pink Atom's go to wheel for ANY surface, say goodbye to sliding out. The Poison provides awesome grip without that 'sluggish marshmallow' feeling which allows for more roll. Poison wheels will...

Atom Quad Derby Poison Slim Wheels - Natural Green


Say hello to Poison SLIM! This wheel has all of the same amazing characteristics of the original Poison, providing the ulitmate grip and roll you would expect from Atom Wheels. Ideal for indoor/outdoor slick surfaces   Size:38mm x...

Atom Savant Roller Derby Wheels


Savant is a blend of Atom’s Boom and Juke urethane on an oversized core with a molded lip. The oversized core not only reduces weight but increases the overall roll (speed). With the increased speed the molded lip plays a big role in ensuring the...

Bionic ABEC 7 Bearings


    ABEC 7 Bearings 8mm (Pack of 16) Our Abec-7 bearings are lubricated with speed oil and require no break-in period Delrin cage reinforced Pack of 16