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Discover a HUGE range of scooters for sale along with all the essential accessories here at RollBack. Shop professional stunt scooters, 3 wheel kids scooters, micro scooters, electric scooters and loads more. Our range of scooters also come with bundles which include protection pads, helmets and ramps. If you’re a pro interested in building your own custom scooter, you can also purchase scooter parts before heading out to master the latest tricks at the skate park. We also have a wide selection of electric and commuter scooters for work and city commutes. Whether you’re a first-timer or a professional you can find the right scooter for you here in our online store. Find great deals on scooters in our scooter sale which includes some of the top brands available! Browse stunt scooters, micro scooters and electric scooters from leading brands such as Blunt Envy, SoFlow, Aztek, District Scooters, MGP, Lucky Scooters, Globber and many more. Our online store filters will help you choose the best scooter for you no matter what your age and ability is. With so much choice however it can be hard to choose, so feel free to contact someone from our friendly Support Team for help. You’ll be riding around on your new scooter in no time. Select one of the categories below to start browsing!


Electric mobility made easy with downloadable apps for your phone.


Foldable commuter scooters with large & small wheels.


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Scooters to suit every taste! - A lot has happened since the reinvention of the "modern" scooters back in the late 1990s, where the new scooter made of aluminium entered the market. These scooters were foldable, and very practical, which made them crazy popular. But as stunt scootering became a popular sport, the scooter industry saw a demand for stunt scooters, which are designed to do tricks in skate parks and the street. Nowadays, both the quality and technology of scooters is miles away from those early 90's model. You can still get foldable and adjustable scooters, which is still popular for commuting. When it comes to stunt scooters made for doing stunts, the brands we are selling are making high-quality complete scooters and scooter parts, which meets the demands of riders from the newcomer to the professional athletes.

Stunt Scooters These scooters, also called trick scooters, are typically used in skateparks, urban areas and parking lots. It is a technical and equipment-intensive sport, and the scooters are exposed to massive pressure and wear. No scooter lasts forever, but modern stunt scooters are very durable, and the selection is wide. They are reinforced and designed for durability. You can also find a wide range of custom components, for you to build your own dream scooter. Assembled custom scooters typically consist of specific components from different brands, assembled by experts. Recreational Scooters For transportation, we recommend scooters with big wheels (120mm or more). These scooters are usually designed for adults, but can also be used by children. They can often be folded and therefore are easy to carry in a train, at school or at the workplace. Big wheels are less sensitive to irregularities in the road, they have more directional stability and they roll faster than small wheels.

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