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About Us

We are skater people and having started life in the quad roller skating scene, hence the reason we love the buzz, creativity and freedom of a good Roller Disco.  RollBack skating now represents some of that thin glue holding together the umbrella under which the term ‘roller sports’ is loosely gathered, encompassing roller skaters (quad & inline), skateboaders, bikers and more recently scooter riders.  We reckon if we try really hard we can get a tiny chunk of the universe (the world) to like roller sports too.

It maybe a little cliché, but RollBack started life in 2006 as an idea between 2 friends wanting to develop and build upon the diminishing London (UK) skate scene.  Having skated at various spots in and around London during the 80’s and early 90’s and being able to soak up the culture and sheer creativity of their surroundings, the pair recognised the need for younger and less experienced skaters to be introduced and learn from these environments also.  With this ethos in mind we originally started off as a small project with just one activity offered over holiday periods that would specifically target families and groups of friends and we stayed up late at night to recreate the ingredients necessary to hone the atmosphere, but more importantly develop character in our young skaters.  Initially we had some great successes, but the team became a little disillusioned and one of the founders headed north to spearhead a ‘nu focus’ (literally) and direction for the concept of the ‘RollBack’ name which affectionately harps back to the great times of yesteryear and trying to clutch onto the piece of skate culture we once had.

RollBack Skating is now run by one of its founders offering the roller action sports community not only a place to get premium products with a genuine and knowledgeable band of merrymen and women, but also serves as an outlet for the sports we promote.  We care passionately for the people who support us and fully appreciate that we couldn’t be where we are today without you!

Now developing a strong online presence we make sure we stock both the established brands as well as those niche upcoming outfits making waves on the skate scene.  Having done our research for engineered and tailored apparel, our brand ‘iD2’ (i-do-it-different) embodies the key aspects of skate culture tinged with new ideas and modern thinking.  We stay current and help you to by bringing you news, reviews and intelligent-speak from those in the know via interviews and podcasts.  This together with our local events, national skate team tours and sometime crazy giveaways gets thousands of new visitors and even more returning customers coming to our store consistently on a daily basis.

RollBack Skating to this day continues to drive forward with two guiding principles;

  • Challenge
  • Do Something Different


Robert Beckford
RollBack Skating

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