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RollBack's aim is to bring together their massive love for Music and Rollerskating, which, when combined, results in perhaps the greatest Rollerdisco in the world.




Surprisingly Rollback Roller Skating was originally established in June 2007 and we are proud to say that we are one of the pioneers of the roller disco rennaissance. Our opening night was held on Friday August 3rd 2007 and was very well attended, with around 450 guests at the Byron Hall in Harrow, London (one of London's biggest original skate rinks). Our idea was simple; to assist in the re-building of community activities, just like it used to be in the days gone by. RollBack aims to bridge the generation gap between old school skaters, adults and the skating youth. We see roller-skating as a harmonious activity that promotes fun in a safe, clean, drug free and supportive environment.

Put simply RollBack Skating is The Premier Roller Skating provider for Mobile Roller Disco's and tuition, as such you will find that a lot of our information is duplicated elewhere- We are the BluePrint.  But no matter what, you are sure to have the best fun on 8 wheels whether you join us at our popular weekly sessions, at our Schools/College and University Events or at our Private Adult and Children's Parties. Come and learn how to skate in a fun and exciting environment, whether the lil' ones or you adults just want to skate or would like to learn how to stop whilst playing games and listening to music; why not come and give it a go.


Why roller disco? Roller skating is an excellent way of combining fun and fitness. A great way to get people to socialise, communicate and get involved while exercising. Since the 1970s this has been a sport enjoyed by all ages and abilities. When disco fever arrived in the 80s, roller skating discos were born. Nowadays, where there is good music and a nice vibe, most arenas will still have a few sneaky ol' skool skaters lurking amongst the crowd as they take the opportunity to use the space as an outlet to stretch their legs.


Go on- Have a laugh, a smile and whole load of good memories. If that's what you're after then Roller skating is a fantastic way to get you moving, interacting and a great source of 'social fitness'. The activity can be enjoyed by any age or ability, making it a great family activity. It's definitely a great way to de-stress (once you get the hang of it!). If you like our motto 'Do something different' then join us for the fun n' frolics, but remember- this zone is for those that do not take life too seriously. For starters, we recommend you set yourself the challenge of learning our infamous 'Electric Slide' to get you in the swing of things.




NOTE: Only selected sessions run over the Summer. Here at RollBack we run sessions specific to age range, we find that this increases confidence and decreases the time it takes to roll, particularly with our younger ones as skating amongst their peers seems to reduce nervousness as they notice the pace of their friends and feel more comfortable.


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Wanna See some of your products being used in action? - Subscribe to our YouTube channel RollBack World below, for custom builds, Product reviews, Tutorials and much, much more. All our staff partake in the sport products we sell to ensure you get the best possible advice when selecting your equipment. All the products we sell are chosen for their strength and value. If we are not stocking a product we may be doing it for a reason!

We'll be bringing you raw footage of our latest goings on from all the different World's on Wheels and keeping you update with our progress regarding an indoor facility in the Bedfordshire area. You can get involed here or watch us below in the community doing our best for all things rolling.

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