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Bike Servicing


Accessories purchased from us fitted free of charge (except full-length mudguards).

We will undertake any other stand-alone repair charged at £15 per 15 minutes (£15 minimum).



  • Puncture
________________________ £5
  • Puncture - hub gear rear wheel
________________________ £20
  • Full-length mudguard fitting
________________________ £20
  • Wheel true
________________________ £18
  • Hub service (per hub)
________________________ £20
  • Wheel build (per wheel)
________________________ £40
  • Bottom bracket fitted
________________________ £25



We can complete a wide range of jobs from puncture repairs to a full strip and rebuild. We also offer three service packages: BronzeSilver and Gold.  From a quick check up to a full strip down or even a suspension service – whatever your needs, we’ve got it covered.

Bronze Service - £30:
  • 22 point safety check
  • Adjustment to gears and brakes
  • Nut & bolt check
  • Frame & forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Gears and brakes adjusted
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • Wheels and tyres inspected for wear
  • Full safety check
Silver Service - £45:

Recommended every 3 to 9 months, depending on use.

As above plus:


  • Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)
  • Gear and brake cables replaced (parts not included)
  • Brake pads changed (parts not included)


  • Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary


  • Frame cleaned and checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned and checked
  • Frame and disc mounts faced (if applicable)


  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected for wear & damaged and reassembled
  • Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
  • Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)
  • Wheels trued and spokes tensioned


  • Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
  • Checked for effective operation and adjusted

DRIVE TRAIN (chain, cassette and chainset)

  • Removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated
Gold Service - £80:
  • As above plus:
  • Full strip & rebuild of the bike
  • Components are degreased, cleaned and re-greased before rebuild

Please note that these are a rough guide to servicing and the work we can carry out. We can assess the bike and make a more accurate and individual bill for the bike depending on the work required. 

Please call ahead of time to book the bike in for service work. 

Parts are not included in the cost - this is just for labour.


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