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Blazer Pro Scooter deck IG 530


The IG530 Deck is a totally new design and features our new X-Strength Downtube technology, its heat treated 7005 Aluminium deck is the perfect combination of strength, durability and weight.7005 Heat Treated Aluminium82.5° headtube4.5″ wide...

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BLUNT AOS V4 Signature Scooter Deck


BLUNT AOS STUNT SCOOTER   COMMON SPECIFICATIONS  - 6061-T6 Aluminium - 3D Forged one piece head tube - Fluted Cup - CNC Logo - Extruded deck body with integrated rails - Bolt on Curved Brake - Weight: 1.42 Kg - Headtube Angle:...

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BLUNT KOS V3 Scooter Deck


BLUNT SCOOTER   DECK King Of Spades KOS  • One piece forged headtube 6061-T6 Alloy, CNC Cut outs • ED Black with laser print logos • Bolt on Brake V2 • High tensile back axle • Integrated headset • Size:...

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BLUNT SCOOTER   DECK Prodigy • 6061-T6 Alloy, ED Black • ED Black with Laser Logo • Bolt on brake V1 • High tensile back axle • Integrated headset • Size: 500mm x 113mm, 82.5 degrees headtube angle...

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Ethic street deck at an epic price Features Weight: 1.2 Kg Length: 53cm Width: 4.5" Includes rear axle spacers and brake Laser etched graphic to base Integrated headtube

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The Ethic Lindworm deck is another piece of engineering brilliance from Kevin Demay's brand Ethic.   Ethic is focused on producing the best quality scooter parts, and the Lindworm deck certainly doesn't disappoint.   A perfectly balanced...

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Fasen Brendon Smith Deck


Fasen have credited their main rider, Brendon Smith with his very own signature deck. SPECIFICATION: Aluminum 7000 serie NEW 3D Cold Forged head tube Lenght:  535 mm Widht: 110 mm Weight: 1,4 KG

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Fasen Raven Polished Deck


The new Fasen Raven deck has come out of the long and fastidous Fasen testing prcoess with flying colours. Tested by team riders Brendon Smith, Tommy Dang, and Vincent Kudrna, the Fasen Raven deck is a lightweight deck with flat sides and flat bottom...

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Fasen Vincent Kudrna Deck


The Fasen Vincent Kudrna Pro scooter deck weighs in at just 1.43kg, making it one of the lightest decks on the market today. The Fasen scooter Vincent Kudrna Signature deck is made from 7000 series aluminium, which allows it to keep its...

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PHOENIX Deck Reventon V2 Black


SPECIFICATION: 4.65" wide, 22" long. Extra wide and flat bottom surface for better grinding. Headtube Angle: 82.5 Degrees Phoenix Custom 6061-T6 Aluminum Extrusion for ultimate Strength to Weight and Balance Phoenix Switchblade Flex Fender Brake...

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PHOENIX Deck Session


SPECIFICATION: 4.25 inches wide on top ( approx 10.8 cm) 4 inches grinding surface on bottom ( approx 10.2 cm) 82.5 Head Tube angle.    4 Degree Concave. Fabricated with 6061 T6 Aluminum – Made in the USA! Heat Treated to...

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PHOENIX Reventon Dan Barret Deck


Cracking Phoenix Reventon Pro Scooter Deck endorsed by Dan Barrett.   5.25" wide, 22" long.    Nice and big for big verts   Extra wide and flat bottom surface for better grinding.    6 degrees of concave for best...

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Sacrifice Park Deck AK-110


Sacrifice Park Deck AK-110   This totally original shape has been specifically designed to maximise stiffness whilst minimising weight. This is a truly amazing pro-level deck particularly suited to park riding. The AK range is a revolutionary new...

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Sacrifice Street Deck AK-115


Sacrifice Deck Ak115   This extra wide and longer deck has been designed with street riders in mind providing more foot room and extra stability on long grinds, combined with our trademark triple concave deck bottom, every grind will seem easier...

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