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World On Wheels

Help Us to create Bedfordshire's first indoor skatepark and Roller Sports Facility


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WoW will be Bedfordshire's first indoor roller skating and skatepark centre – a fun and friendly roller sports facility located within the borough.  Visit us here regularly to keep up to date with the latest developments.  Rest assured, there are plenty of ways to help bring this exciting project to life!


The aim is to create a fun and friendly recreation facility for all ages and abilities.  Our aim is to build a unique, fun and safe environment that young people in particular can enjoy and which gives an alternative to sitting about doing nothing or possibly causing a nuisance during times when skateparks are not accessible and especially during the winter months.  We appreciate  that we cannot be all things to all people, but we strongly believe that each discipline has something to learn from the other; the result being a raised awareness of roller sports in general and better provision for individual disciplines.

Our plan is to create the WoW roller sports facility to house a full size roller hockey & roller derby track, with the skatepark boasting a wide range of progressive, flowing ramps, skills zones, jumps and foam pits.

We want to open WoW at a suitable venue in Bedfordshire and we're on a campaign trail to raising the finance needed, but in order to reach our start-up goal we need your support. We’re calling on individuals, investors and organisations to find out more about our plans and join us in making WoW a reality.


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For details of our annual skate park competition, please click the link below for more details.


WoW SkatePark Jam Comp



If you want to help make the RollBack Skatepark a reality you’re in the right place. We need people power, partners and investment to reach our start-up goals.  Continuing on our quest to establish / build an indoor roller sports facility, the first steps in helping us, is to complete the very short survey and sign our petition below. 




Need help? We're available at0300 111 0808 - Email us orlive help
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