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Roller Sports and The Olympics
The History of Roller Sports in the OlympicsAs we're sure you all know, roller sports finally made its way into the Olympic Games through street and park skateboarding, in Tokyo 2020. In park skateboarding, Sky Brown took the bronze medal for Team GB!For most people, it may seem that the appearance of roller sports in the Olympics was sudden. However, there was a lot of work be …
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How to make your Roller Skates Slower
5 Ways to Slow Down your SkatesDo you crave more control over your skates? Perhaps you're a beginner who is still trying to master the basics. It could be that all you need to break out of the wobbly-stage are a pair of slower, easier-to-control skates! Alternatively, perhaps you just prefer to take it easy on your skates, or require less speed to perform tricks? This post will …
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The Anatomy of a Skateboard
How to optimize your skateboard!So, you've probably clicked on this post because you enjoy skateboarding: whether you've just purchased one for the first time, or you've been riding for a while. But perhaps you've had those moments where you're riding, you're having fun but something just doesn't quite feel right. Maybe you've been working on a new trick, but for some odd reaso …
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Why YOU should get into Rink Roller Hockey!
What is Rink Roller Hockey?Rink Roller Hockey is a sport that is played and enjoyed across the globe. Also called quad hockey, hardball hockey and many other variants, traditional roller hockey began as a warm-weather alternative to ice hockey. It is played on a dry, flat surface using quad skates, curved canes and a ball. It is a limited-contact sport, meaning the rules are de …
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Inline or Quad skates? How to choose the best roller skates for you!
The difference between inline skates and roller skates.So, you're here because you're interested in pursuing skating, right? Like most of us, we imagine you feel as though you're about to fall at the first hurdle: "What kind of skates do I buy?"This post will provide you with a guide on how to choose your first pair of skates, hopefully making the overwhelming amount …
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