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20.01.2024 U13's Match Report - Bedford Griffins RHC

Posted by Robert Beckford on 2nd Feb 2024

20.01.2024 U13's Match Report - Bedford Griffins RHC
Lets see if all the Christmas cake has burnt off for our first Tournament of the year! Time to put some of our previous lessons into practice

U13 Tournament (ECU)

20th January 2024: 1pm - 8pm

North Herts Leisure Centre, Hertfordshire

Players: Rylee, Tyler, Will, Gennaro, Joseph (GK), Neveyah (GK)

Game 1: Kings Lynn v BEDFORD GRIFFINS

The Bedford Griffins faced a formidable challenge against Kings Lynn in their first match of the tournament, resulting in a 14-1 score line favouring Kings Lynn. Despite the challenging circumstances, the Griffins displayed admirable discipline, holding their positions so much more better. The defensive line showed some good resilience with each player maintaining their focus and contributing to a solid formation.

One notable highlight of the match was the debut of the new goalkeeper, Neveyah, who displayed exceptional skills and composure in her first outing. With the usual goalkeeper, Joseph, taking on an outfield role, the team displayed improved ball control and marked and covered players effectively, particularly when not in possession. The first half demonstrated promising signs of cohesive gameplay and a positive trajectory for the team.

While the first half showcased disciplined play and positive changes, the second half saw a temporary loss of focus from the Bedford Griffins. This lapse in concentration allowed Kings Lynn to capitalise on defensive positioning gaps, resulting in a flurry of attacking plays. Despite the challenging second half, the team learned valuable lessons that would contribute to their growth and development throughout the season.

FULL TIME: 14 – 1 Kings Lynn

Game 2: BEDFORD GRIFFINS v Skaters

In our second match; against Skaters, the Bedford Griffins displayed a commendable first-half performance, closing down angles effectively and allowing for numerous attacking plays. The defensive efforts were notably improved compared to previous games, showcasing a more strategic and organised approach to the game.

The standout moment came from the Griffins' enhanced defensive strategy, preventing Skaters from creating clear goal-scoring opportunities. The disciplined approach to marking players and controlling the ball in both attack and defence demonstrated the team's commitment to continuous improvement.

Despite the promising first-half performance, the Bedford Griffins faced challenges in maintaining momentum during the second half. Fading energy levels led to a series of short passes and an increased number of interceptions, allowing Skaters to capitalise on defensive lapses. The team acknowledged areas for improvement, particularly in sustaining their strategic play and maintaining focus throughout the entire match.


Game  3:  Letchworth v BEDFORD GRIFFINS

In a highly competitive game against Letchworth, the Bedford Griffins showcased determination from the start. The team's persistent efforts were rewarded with a goal towards the end of the first half, reflecting their resilience and attacking prowess. The competitive spirit displayed by the Griffins set the tone for an engaging matchup.

Letchworth came out in the second half with a clear mission, unleashing a flurry of goals within minutes. Despite the defensive challenges faced by the Griffins, the team demonstrated continuous effort and commitment. The competitive nature of the game highlighted the importance of our need to adapt and make strategic adjustments in response to an opponent's evolving tactics. This match served as a valuable learning experience for the Bedford Griffins, emphasizing the need for resilience and adaptability in the face of changing circumstances.

FULL TIME: 10 – 1 Letchworth

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