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Save Roller World Roller Skate Rink - Colchester

Posted by Katie on 1st Nov 2022

Save Roller World Roller Skate Rink - Colchester


Rollerworld needs your help. Add your Voice Here

Rollerworld is a roller skating rink in Colchester that have been hosting roller discos, laser quests and more for the past 32 years. It is with great sadness that they will have to close their doors on the 30th November 2022 due to unreasonable demands being made by their landlord.

According to Rollerworld, it has been demanded that they pay almost triple in rent of what they currently pay, alongside agreeing to over 40% of their car park being taken, as well as a road for commercial vehicles being opened right at their doorstep. Understandably, they claim that this is not reasonable or affordable.

To their surprise, their landlord has told the media that they have been trying to negotiate with Rollerworld for two years. Rollerworld argues that this is not true, as they had made a reasonable offer that was abruptly refused. There was no further negotiation after this, the landlord only increased the prices for which they're asking.

What can I do to help?

Throughout their final month of operation, Rollerworld are holding a range of exhilarating events to support their cause. These include (but are by no means limited to!): Roller-karaoke, an 80s vs. 90s Skate Night and Dungeons & Skaters. Keep a tab on their events through their website. If you cannot attend these events, your support through purchasing their Skate, Don't Hate T-shirts would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, you can write a testimonial on what Rollerworld means to you and why it is an asset to the community. Here at Rollback World, being an incredibly similar business to Rollerworld, we know the benefits that roller sports bring to one's physical and mental wellbeing, as well as the sense of togetherness that they can bring to a community. When times are feeling increasingly divided, roller sports (and sports & activities in general!) are becoming more and more vital. Roller sports are even more important to our youth, keeping their minds engaged with positive activities rather than more negative ones.

Please get in touch and lend your support at: SAVE OUR ROLLERWORLD

Alternatively, you can also contact those who can make a change, as well as tagging them and using #SaveRollerworld.

Landlord: Petchey Holdings.

Youth-based charity located in the same building as Petchey Holdings: Petchey Foundation

Colchester MP: Will Quince

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