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When it comes to all-things skates, you’ve certainly come to the right place with RollBack. In our range we have cheap skates for sale, covering everything from quality rollers skates, to ice skates, accessories and even package bundles. Better still, our skates come from some of the biggest names available, so you can count on getting the quality skates you want. We’ve categorised our skates into different styles and purposes to make your search easier. So have a look at what we’ve got in stock and make the most of our cheap skates for sale


Your essential bits & bobs.


A mix of all-terrain, speed & recreational inline skates


A quad skaters paradise! Traditional to lo-cut speed skate models.


Starter kits and boot only packages.


Park ready completes


Roller Skates and Inline skates for everyone. At RollBack you will find skates for kids, women and men in all ages and at all levels. Inline skates and roller skates are available in a variety of versions designed for different purposes. The most widely used model is the inline skate in which the wheels are placed in a line. However, there are also many fans of roller skates, where the wheels are mounted in pairs like you see on a skateboard.

Inline skates are roller blades There are various inline skates for fitness, speed, roller hockey, street / aggressive as well as fusion rollerblades called freeskates. Inline skates roll better and offer better directional stability than roller skates. They also make it easier to stay balanced, so you do not fall forwards or backwards. Inline skates are the most popular type of skate which is also why you will find the largest selection of both skates and spare parts from the inline skate family.

Roller skates. Many people consider roller skates to be the original skates, and they are still very popular. The rolling technique is a little different, and some find these skates easier to control. Roller skates are also known as quad skates or even retro skates since they were the first skate on the market. Some adults prefer the retro skates because they started out on a pair of these as kids. It is a matter of both taste and nostalgia. Within the Derby sport quad roller skates are standard and they are also great for dancing and disco skating.

If you have doubts about which type of skate you should choose, you can read more about the different skate types in our guide to buying skates.

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