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65 years of Love and Roller Skating with Ron and Terri

Posted by RollBack on 1st Oct 2015

65 years of Love and Roller Skating with Ron and Terri

At a skating rink in 1948 the romance began.

Ron and Terri Cornell and as the years roll on, the wheels of love are still turning.

Marking their 65th Anniversary at Rollerworld in Colchester, Ron and Terri reminisce how they first met each other at Butlins roller rink in Skegness when Terri was a Red Coat.

Now 84, Terri recalls how she initially shrugged off his advances only to meet him 6 months later at another roller rink in East London where they both ended up living.

Mrs Cornell, who still works at Rollerworld remembers how Ron, with all his friends approached her,  but she ignored him, she recalls but when they met 6 months on through complete coincidence, things really started rolling.

At nearly 90, Mr Cornell no longer skates, he said: "I decided to give up when I was 80 before I hurt myself, but I miss it very much." 

Having had their 50th and 60th anniversary's at Rollerworld, they decided to go for their 65th after sensing they were both slowing down.

Their secret to longevity is simple: "As long as he does as he is told, everything is ok" remarks Mrs Cornell.

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