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What deck size you should choose and why.
When starting out skate boarding its important to know what size board is good for different styles of skating. Mostly you will find that your deck size will come from your personal opinion on what you find comfortable riding, but as well as this you will find on bigger or smaller boards some things are easier and some things are harder. Smaller boards are usually what people start of with, especially if you are learning flip tricks and the basic flat ground stuff. This is because smaller boards are easier to flip and rotate. what you may find with smaller decks is that your feet may over hang and they may be harder to land on because there is less area to land on. Bigger boards usually feel nicer to cruise on and are generally easier to skate ramp on because you have more control with carving and slow small turns. As well as this theirs more room for your feet meaning theirs less chance of your heels or toes catching the ramp. Bigger boards are generally a little bit harder to flip depending on the size of your feet, But they are also a lot easier to land on and roll away with. The size of your board also depends on how big of a person you are. If your a young child generally you might get a board that is a bit shorter in length rather than the standard length board, but if you just have small feet a smaller width deck would be better depending on what you prefer.

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