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Facts you never knew about Artistic Roller Skating

Posted by RollBack on 5th Mar 2015

Facts you never knew about Artistic Roller Skating


How many revolutions around is an axel?

one and a half. An axel isn't two times around even though most people think it is.

When doing figure 9A, what type of edge are you on?

inside. Figure 9A starts on the right foot and you push to the left, therefore creating an inside edge.

What do you call a sequence of two or more jumps?


In roller skating, can you use music with lyrics?

only in certain events . You may only use lyrics in creative solo.

In what area of skating do you use front crosses?

dance and freestyle .

In freestyle, what is the maximum number of one specific jump you can have in your routine?

3. In freestyle, you may only have up to three of a specific jump. You may do less than three but may not exceed three.

Which areas of skating tests your skills of tracing a line?

figures and loops . In figures, you trace the line while also doing turns and some figures require just tracing. In loops, you can just trace the line or do the teardrops.

What do you call freestyle that a man and woman perform together?

pairs. In pairs the man and woman do lifts, spins, and jumps together.

Which jump may be used at the beginning of a combination, but not in the middle or end?

Lutz. A Lutz may be used at the beginning of a combo, but may not be used at the end.

Which of these would you need a toe stop for?

freestyle. Freestyle is the only one of these that you need a toe stop for, because you do jumps and spins.

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