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​History of Scootering

Posted by RollBack on 10th Feb 2015

​History of Scootering


Early scooters

Primitive scooters have been hand-made in industrial urban areas for at least 100 years. One common home made version is made by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle, usually an old box.You can lean to turn, or by a second board connected by a crude pivot. The construction was all-wooden, with 3–4 inch wheels with steel ball bearings. An additional characteristic of this construction was the loud noise, just like from a "real" vehicle. An alternative construction consisted of one steel clamp–on roller skate divided into front and rear parts and attached to a wood beam.

Before bicycles became popular among children,steel scooters with two small bicycle wheels had been the most useful vehicles for them.

Large folding scooters

Folding kick scooters optimized for adults generally have more durable parts and are designed with wider decks, hand brake, and larger wheels for smoother transportation instead of less weight and portability.

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