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Learn How to adjust Skateboard Trucks

Posted by RollBack on 3rd Mar 2015

Learn How to adjust Skateboard Trucks


  • Ø  Place the skateboard upside down with the trucks facing upwards laying flat. Make sure there are no sign of cracks, debris or any wear towards the trucks ensuring they are in good operating order.

  • Ø  Test the trucks in movement from side to side. Take the skateboard tool or the proper sized wrench and adjust the trucks. The bolt or kingpin is located in the middle for the truck axle.

  • Ø  Turning the wrench left will loosen the trucks and will then tighten the turning of the skateboard. Turing the tool right will tighten the trucks therefore reducing the tightness of the turn.

  • Ø  After making the adjustment that fits best place the skateboard on the ground with the wheels first.

  • Ø  Test out the skateboard to which the rider suites best. If not, place the skateboard on the workbench or ground again and continue making minor adjustments until the happy point is met.

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