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Learn ​How to build a Mini Ramp

Posted by RollBack on 27th Jan 2015

Learn ​How to build a Mini Ramp



  1. Decide on the kind of plan you want. You can buy inexpensive plans to build a skateboard mini-ramp, or sketch out your own plans.
  2. Plan the size of the skateboard mini-ramp to build. Most mini-ramps are 8 feet wide and a bit over 2 feet tall.
  3. Find a large workspace for your plans and tools.

B)Building the Sides

  1. Place a piece of 3/4-inch plywood on a flat surface. Draw a straight line up the right-hand side, measuring to the highest point of the mini-ramp. This is usually about 24 to 28 inches.
  2. Draw another straight line out to the left toward the center of your plywood board, measuring about 2 feet. This is the deck.
  3. Sketch a straight line along the bottom of the skateboard mini-ramp, about 5 feet. This is the bottom of the mini-ramp.
  4. Connect the top of the deck to the endpoint of the bottom using a curved line for the ramp. It is a good idea to use a half-circle drawing tool so the curve is true.

C)Finishing the Mini-Ramp

  1. Cut along the lines using a skil-saw so the curves are smooth.
  2. Repeat on a second piece of plywood for the other side.
  3. Connect the two sides with 2-by-4's. Make sure they are at intervals frequent enough to support the mini-ramp.
  4. Use a single sheet of 3/8-inch plywood for the actual mini-ramp section, bending it to fitover the curve.
  5. Finish rough edges.

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