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Learn How to Roller Skate

Posted by RollBack on 12th Aug 2014

Learn How to Roller Skate

Learn to Skate?

If you’ve ever been to a roller disco and donned a pair of wheely boots with the intention of looking cool, but then suddenly realised you have no idea how to stop! This is a short guide to get you rolling – SAFELY!


Well, the only equipment you really need is a pair of well fitted quad roller skates. Quad roller skates have two wheels at the front & back of the boot, unlike inline skates which are all in a row. These are usually available to hire at skating rinks or you can purchase your own from most sporting stores – if you intend to skate outdoors, try to avoid skates with plastic wheels.

Other than your skates, for additional safety you should consider;

  • A Helmet – everyone falls as they start out so make sure your head is well protected
  • Wrist, Knee & Elbows pads – even accomplished skaters wear protection!


Unlike when we have shoes on, in our skates if our feet face the same direction we will begin to roll! In a standing position it is important to bend your knees and keep your feet in a ‘T’ position. You should keep your heels together and feel like you are squatting with your knees apart while slightly leaning forward. This will prevent you from rolling and will help to keep you stable. Posture and balance is a key aspect while skating, so don’t be afraid if you fall a few times as you adjust your position.


As you start out, try not to roll but simply walk! The reference to happy feet is to make sure you point your toes outwards like a penguin or duck and step NOT ROLL! Your feet should remain firmly underneath you and you should take baby steps, still with bent knees and toes pointing outwards to remain stable and keep your balance. Your body should always be over your knees and never push your feet in front of you – take a step.


As you become more confident you can then begin to push harder and use your body to help you roll / glide further. Adjust your weight so as you stride, you lean your body weight either side in time with your feet movement.


Your boots will have a big rubber blob near the front of the boot, these are your toe stops. As you glide and get faster, you will want to stop. To do so lift & bring one leg behind you, point your toes and gently place your rubber stopper on the ground and you will come to a gentle stop.


We provide courses in and around Luton and Bedfordshire at affordable rates with qualified, professional and patient instructors. All ages are welcome, so if you would like to book yourself in for one of our ‘Learn to Skate’ courses have a look at our timetable or contact us now to reserve your place as pre-booking is essential. > 01582 691994 or like us on facebook: RollBackRollerSkating

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