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List of Scooter Tricks

Posted by RollBack on 10th Jun 2015

List of Scooter Tricks

So you want to learn how to scoot huh? Well here is an extensive list of scooting tricks you need to learn and master before you can pat yourself on the back and call yourself a pro.

Acid Drop: Jumping off the ground using your feet and mounting on to the scooter. Often done off ledges and into quarters

Air walk: Where the rider kicks both feet out in opposite directions- the front foot goes forwards and the back foot goes backwards (depending on which way they are facing).

Alley-oop: An air trick,"180", airing out backwards.

Backflip: Whole body and scooter rotate 360 degrees in the Y dimension.

Bank Transfer: The simple transfer from one bank to another, often over gaps

Cali Slider: A slide down on the flat ground by riding whilst using your heel to life the tail of the deck off the ground.

Can-can: Where both are legs off the deck to one side whilst in mid air. The longer it is held for, the more "stylish" it is considered to be.

Candy bar: One foot over the handlebar whilst in mid-air.

Cannonball: No footed double grab, holding onto the deck with both hands in mid-air.

Chairman: Riding whilst sitting on the bars, facing forwards, and feet hanging over the wheel.

Decade: When the body spins around the deck, holding onto the bars.

Disaster: Where the rider spins 180 degrees and faces the way which they came, whilst stalling on the ledge of quarter on the middle bottom part of the deck.
Ticked all of the above? Good, you have mastered the basic set of tricks for a scooter, but you’re not quite there yet... after all there are still more tricks to be learned, and why not invent your own, signature move? Oh and there is the little issue of getting a sponsor, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our blog post on how to get a sponsor!

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