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What Is Jam Roller Skating?

Posted by RollBack on 16th Mar 2015

What Is Jam Roller Skating?

Like dancing? Like roller skating? Why not try them together with our modern invention of Jam Roller Skating!

Jam roller skating is the art of dancing on roller skates. you put on some music you like that has a slight beat to it and fasten up your roller skates to enjoy the modern day twist on traditional roller skating. All you do is let your feet do the talking, let them be free to do what ever they want to do at that particular time. Perform any type of dance, as long as it looks good and you feel good doing the moves its great! Taking part in roller skating is another form of exercise, although like traditional roller skating you have a set thing you need to do, in jam roller skating you can let things lose and make up your own type of dancing on skates.

Different parts of the work have different styles of jam roller skating, for example in California when jam roller skating you use more of your hips and body language rather than your use of feet, but in Europe it tends to be more about the feet movement and the way you move your hands rather than using all of your body. There are many tricks that you can perform when on skates, like the use of kicking your feet up in the air while your hands are placed on the ground behind you. 

There are many jam roller skating competitions that you can get involved in to show off to your friends with and to see who is better at jam roller skating. You can go as a laugh with your friends or you can even train to do jam roller skating professionally with a partner and compete in competitions with your town or schools in your town. 

Instead of going out to the cinema you can go jam skating as a day out with your friends or to catch up with people you haven't seen in ages. All you need to have is a pair of skates that you can rent from the place you are going to and then you are ready to go. You can take part and learn how to do tricks on roller skates even in your local school hall, your local play ground or even your front room. Why don't you take part in jam roller skating today with loads of events and the information needed to attend on the RollBack website.

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