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Which BMX bike size is right for me?

BMX sizing

The size of your BMX bike is essential in being able to ride it comfortably and properly. Of course, determining the appropriate size depends on your height. The size of a BMX bike is measured by the size of the wheels and the size of the frame (which is based on the length of the top tube- that's the very top part of the frame). 

In choosing the size of your BMX, it is important to keep in mind that you should be able to stand over the frame of the bike without touching it.

The standard size of wheels for a BMX bike is 20'', although wheel sizes can range from 12'' to 24''. As a rough guide, for the following height ranges we would recommend the corresponding wheel sizes:

Height / ft. in.Wheel size / in.
Under 3'7"12"
3'7" - 4'0"16"
4'0" - 4'10"18"
4'10" - 6'0"20"
Over 6'0"24"

To add, for the following height ranges we would recommend the corresponding top tube lengths. Here, some overlap occurs to take into account the personal preference of the rider.

Height / ft. in.Top tube length / in.
Under 3'0"11" - 15"
3'0" - 4'0"13" - 19"
4'0" - 5'0"17" - 21"
5'0" - 6'0"18" - 21"
Over 6'0"21" +

Hopefully this post has provided some guidance on where to head in your BMX purchasing journey. What are you most looking forward to about receiving your new bike?

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